Studying abroad is a life-changing decision and requires careful preparations. Each country has colleges and universities that come with their own specific sets of rules as well as benefits. Living abroad during the academic years can also be a challenge to those unfamiliar with the climate, transport, cost of living, and traditions of the country of choice. 

We provide a wide range of services to help you choose the country and university that best fits your vision. Our partnerships with the best universities and colleges around the world allow us to advise you about their available profiles, application requirements, interviews and more. With our help, you will be ready for any challenge the admission may bring.


Our admission counselors have extensive knowledge about numerous universities and colleges from around the world. To help you make an informed choice fitting your interests and goals, we will assign an admission counselor to you. The counselor will determine which college or university and profile best fits you based on your academic qualifications, career goals, work experience, and financial status.


Colleges and universities require medical documents that prove you are physically and psychologically able to follow their courses, especially if your profile of choice is sport or medical. We can arrange an appointment with the Designated Medical Officer for you, so all your medical documents can be acquired without stress. We also recommend getting medical insurance before going abroad. It is better to be prepared for any problems that may arise, including health-related ones.


We advise our clients to make sure they have filled out their application completely and accurately. They must also attach the necessary documents. We will mail the offer letter or Visa letter of the accepted applications to our clients. Our clients will be kept up to date with any Visa process changes, price changes and proof funding requirements.


Because first impressions are important, applicants must answer sincerely and confidently to the questions of the interview. Our highly-qualified staff know that each university has its own set of interview questions and expectations regarding applicants. We will train you to successfully overcome all the obstacles the interviewers might set up. The process will be done through several preparation sessions to get you used to the atmosphere and to help you understand the purpose of each type of question you might encounter during the interview.


Studying abroad requires a Visa corresponding to the chosen country. Identifying and acquiring the necessary documents for a Student Visa may be a difficult and tiring process to do on your own. Through our Visa Counseling Services we will assign a Visa Consultant to you. The consultant will guide you through the process of acquiring the needed documents for the Visa, and will also prepare you for any interviews the Embassy or the High Commission may request of you.


Every country has different requirements that migrant must meet. Due to our constant effort to keep up to date with any changes in policies and regulations of other countries, we will make sure that our clients are accurately informed about:

  • Attendance regulations for students on a student visa

  • Payment of Fees, Cancellation and Refund Policies

  • Policies regarding student visa responsibilities.

  • Policies regarding the management of student fees and payments.

  • Complaints Policy and Procedures.


In addition to our primary admission services, we offer low cost non-core service packets that can be customized to your needs and can enhance your overall experience during your stay abroad. It is always a good idea to plan ahead before making the important decision to study in a different country.


After admission and acquiring the Student Visa, you may consider buying plane tickets if your destination is too far away. Getting the best value for money tickets will allow you to have a better budget for later. There is no need to stress yourself with the search, because we will handle the task of finding air tickets for you at an affordable price.


Every country has its currency, and every time foreign currencies are converted to it money is lost in the process. The key to making the most of your money is to find services with the best exchange rates. We provide competitive rates in Foreign Exchange solutions, and advise students about their options based on their foreign exchange requirements.


Every country comes with its advantages and disadvantages, so it is best to be prepared before studying abroad. Onus Consultancy Services will make sure that its clients are thoroughly informed about the country they wish to study in. You will be kept up to date with the country’s culture, weather, opportunities, accommodations available, and transportation facilities. 
We will also prepare you mentally for the social environment you will be dealing with. It is best to identify your fears and to understand what to expect from the country’s people. Different cultures have different ways of saluting, showing good manners, and socializing in general.


There will be several accommodation options to choose from, including hostels, rented housing, home-stays, and more, both on-campus and private. It is ideal to find accommodation close to the college or university of choice in order to save up on transportation expenses. We will help you find the best option depending on your budget and requirements. 
When you arrive at the destination’s airport you may need a taxi or other means of transportation to reach the place you will be staying at. We can arrange your airport pickup and give you a guaranteed ride.